Young Labor Connect

We are a group of progressive young people with strong values. We're also a group that shares and includes others. The way we do this is through our regular events - connecting young people with activists, decision makers and each other. 
Young Labor Unity. Joining together as a group to connect and grow as activists gives us the practical power to turn our values into outcomes.
The people who make up Young Labor Unity come from all over Queensland, and different universities. We run Gardens Point Branch as the largest youth branch of the ALP in the state, connecting our young branch members with former Prime Ministers, current politicians, activists and officials once a month. We mix our branch meetings up in terms where they are, time of the month and type of guest and are always looking for ideas! 
Our group is driven by a passion for policy, people and building a more exciting future. YLU are future leaders and decision makers who also like to have fun!
So get involved! Like the Facebook Page and send us a message.