Queensland Labor Unity continues to be the voice in our party for the silent majority of Labor branch members across Queensland.

We provide the stability for the party when it comes to providing good government for Queenslanders, and the right amount of influence to make sure we continue the voice that promotes good social policy, with sound credible economic pragmatism. 

Queensland Labor Unity Members resolve to work together to ensure the election of Labor Governments at all levels by:

  • Supporting a united Labor Party which seeks to maximise the rights of rank and file branch members to participate in all forums of the Party;
  • Promoting the positive role Trade Unions play in our society and our Party;
  • Supporting equal rights and opportunities for all Party members; and
  • Supporting the development of policies based on social justice and equality for all individuals.


We welcome pragmatic, progressive and enthusiastic Labor members to join our cause.
To contact Queensland Labor Unity please email [email protected].